Scene Doors

For the past few months, we have been working hard to bring the Unity Game Engine one of the most specific and requested features in RPG development history, how to create “Elder Scrolls” styled doors, and the answer is Scene Doors.

With Scene Doors, a developer will now be able to split their exteriors, interiors and areas up into different scenes, this means more quality and detail can be used in that scene, Scene Doors allows designers to create pathways from the exterior door, to the interior of the building in another scene without having to worry about the players spawn location, prefabs, or the characters inventory, everything is taken care of.


Unity 4.6 UI

For added easy of use and customization, all our Tools for Unity are fully compatible with the Unity 4.6+ UI system. This gives the developer even greater control and freedom over the usage of Scene Doors as well as our other tools.

Unity 5

Scene Doors was built with Unity 5 in mind, it has been tested extensively with Unity 5 and all features work 100% in both Unity 4 and Unity 5.

As future versions are released, Scene Doors will continue to support the latest versions of Unity for the foreseeable future, as well as coming with the older, legacy versions to guarantee support for older versions too.

Fully Commented & Well Laid Out

We strive to create the best and easiest assets to learn, understand and modify as we possibly can, Scene Doors has been deeply commented and well laid out for ease of use and understanding.

Scene Doors has been laid out in 3 easy sections:

  1. Variables
  2. Input Actions
  3. Actions

This is one of the easiest to understand code layouts we have found to date, and makes our code easier to understand even for those who do not know much programming at all.


We try to give the bet post-purchase support we can with our products, our support forums are checked everyday by our developers to give you the best support experience possible.

We are not perfect, but our support is solid and anything our documentation does not explain, our developers will do their best to help you through.

 JavaScript and C# Versions

We try to fulfil all our customers needs, that’s why Scene Doors not only comes fully commented and with an in-depth documentation, but also comes with both JavaScript and C# versions, these are both visually the same in the Unity Inspector, but depending on the developers preference and requirements, may need the system in a specific language, so we give you both.

We try our best to update both versions together, but sometimes this is not possible given the amount of time, in the event that JS and C# are not on the same version, the C# version will always be the latest as it is the first one we work on, if they are not the same version the JS folder will have a suffix like (depreciated).

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