Radial Menu

About Radial Menu

Radial menu is an in-game menu tool developed for the Unity Game Engine, and allows the developer to create dynamic and free radial menus for their in-game functions, running entirely on the Unity 4.6/5 UI system.

Radial Menus are considered a lot more efficient than rectangular-based menus as they utilise a lot more of the room they are taking up, whereas rectangular menus can be very wasteful.

Radial Menu also allows you to create multiple levels of menus, instead of increasing the amount of screen used, this again is an integral part of Radial Menu and is one of the reasons it is so spatially efficient.

How To Use

Radial Menu is a very easy asset to set up, but if you are looking to create something a little more complex, you may have to create some additional graphics for them.

Included in this asset is a pack of over 1,200 icons, along with several variations of Radial Menu to allow you to add radial menus with minimal work, but if you are looking to have more segments than are provided by default with Radial Menu, or are looking for a more customisable look or colour, you will need to create custom graphics to do so.


Angling Details

Angles are an fundamental part of radial menus, no matter how you make them, following the tutorial documentation provided with Radial Menu, you will be able to use the following table of angles to create an unlimited amount of segments to your menu.

Number of Segments Degrees of Rotation
2 180.00
3 120.00
4 90.00
5 72.00
6 60.00
7 51.43
8 45.00
9 40.00
10 36.00
11 32.73
12 30.00
13 27.69
14 25.71
15 24.00
16 22.50
17 21.18
18 20.00
19 18.95
20 18.00

Creation Details

A detailed “Creations” document is provided with Radial Menu, explaining exactly how to create your own custom radial menu graphics in Photoshop, the methods shown may not be applicable to other graphical software packages.