Arrow Launcher

Many AAA games have had launchers in the past where users could drag them around, start the game, change settings, view credits or access extras in that game, but developers have always been hard-pressed to create these in Unity…Until Now!

With Arrow, you can effortlessly create professional, borderless and draggable video game/application launcher windows using ANY UI system, configuration or script.

Unity 4.6 UI

For added easy of use and customization, all our Tools for Unity are fully compatible with the Unity 4.6+ UI system. This gives the developer even greater control and freedom over the usage of Arrow as well as our other tools.

Unity 5

Arrow was built with Unity 5 in mind, it has been tested extensively with Unity 5 and all features work 100% in both Unity 4 and Unity 5.

As future versions are released, Arrow will continue to support the latest versions of Unity for the foreseeable future, as well as coming with the older, legacy versions to guarantee support for older versions too.

Endless Possibilities

With Arrow’s full compatibility with the Unity UI, and ALL other UI packages, you can create virtually limitless launchers. Arrow was designed with Application launching in mind, and can launch and executable file, not just video games, in this demo for example, we have recreated the Visual Studio 2012 Installer, running in Arrow, functional and borderless.

With Arrow’s compatibility the all current UI tools for Unity, the graphical limitations are almost non-existent, and sizing is not an issue as Arrow automatically centres your window, and the ability to drag the window out of the way, your creativity with your launcher is almost unbound.


Our demo goes into further details about Arrow’s features, as well as detailed information about it’s potential usage.

The demo also gives you a look at a real-world example of a product working in Arrow and is a demo showing multiple functionality, and is an example of how Arrow can be used for more than just launchers.

Following release of this product (April 18, 2015), Arrow will be 50% off at the Unity Asset Store (links below).


We try to give the bet post-purchase support we can with our products, our support forums are checked everyday by our developers to give you the best support experience possible.

We are not perfect, but our support is solid and anything our documentation does not explain, our developers will do their best to help you through.


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