About Us

Labyrith was founded as a digital graphics and media company focused on creating visual and scripted video game assets in 2013 under Don Briggs Ltd.

Headed up by Co-Founder Kyle Briggs, Labyrith Studios now releases next-generation production quality graphics assets and RPG feature scripts, and is one of the first companies to adopt a 2K texture standard.

Since 2013, we have released many free resources such as:

Now Labyrith focuses on creating high-quality art packs and functional coded graphics features as well as working on our games.

What is Access?

Access is Labyrith Softworks authoring system for validating license keys for products and granting access to content.

An “Access Key” is provided with each product and may be prone to change occasionally to prevent piracy.

License checks may also be carried out at any time and you will be required to provide your Access Key and any information you have concerning the product which may include but may not be limited to:

  • Any Invoices that you have, or are obtainable; Labyrith Store, Unity Asset Store)
  • A Labyrith Softworks account (Labyrith Store)

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